Storage on Demand

With StorageBurst™, Abacus provides hedge funds with an on-demand, highly available, secure and redundant platform to store large amounts of data off-site. Offering flexible disaster recovery and archiving options, StorageBurst helps funds easily store and back up tick level data to meet regulatory requirements, easily scale to accommodate changing business needs, and reduce storage costs.

Dynamic compliance requirements, coupled with the explosion of data over the last several years, has put excessive stress on many firms’ storage capabilities. Modern hedge funds face mounting data storage challenges as they work to back-test large quantitative models and seamlessly manage multiple market data feeds. StorageBurst helps hedge funds manage these “big data” challenges with instant large-capacity storage capabilities that allow funds to add or decrease storage instantly, based on their immediate requirements.

StorageBurst™ Highlights:

  • Scalability – burstable storage capabilities, with flexible storage policies and management processes, as well as the ability to quickly and easily add or remove storage as needed without having to purchase new or upgrade existing storage solutions
  • Efficiency – immediate access to a highly redundant and scalable enterprise-level serial ATA (SATA) or serial attached SCSI (SAS) storage architecture with access to virtualized or physical servers, with a tiered pricing model and no long-term contracts
  • Convenience – an experienced team that provides continuous help desk and storage management and monitoring, and flexible back-up scheduling
  • Security – an SSAE 16 SOC 1 audited provider, Abacus’s StorageBurst™ offers data segmentation across different types of storage, as well as flexible disaster recovery and archiving options, with tier-3 data centers in California, New Jersey, Texas and London.