Abacus Group can provide a wide variety of security and privacy assessment, services to help organizations identify and address security, compliance and privacy exposures (e.g., loss of customer data, loss of revenue, or reputation impairment to a customer) before they become problems.

Information Security Policy creation, implementation and maintenance

Abacus offers Cybersecurity and privacy risk assessment and remediation services that will:

  • Define sensitive and critical data
  • Document Data Workflow Process
  • Provide Dataflow Analysis
  • Inventory business units, third parties and applications with Sensitive and Critical data assets
  • Understand and reduce Cybersecurity and privacy risk as it relates to your company and business workflow
  • Increases awareness of Cybersecurity and privacy issues within your organization
  • Create policy and procedures that are aligned to your business that will reduce risk and improve on Information security and data handling practices
  • Develop Cybersecurity Framework and methodology for ongoing maintenance of your Cybersecurity Framework

Included in Abacus Flex Offering

  • Complete visibility down to the end point (desktop and mobile device)
  • Use of Palo Alto Next Generation and threat prevention technology
  • Partnered with Foresite for 24X7 real- time monitoring and analysis
  • URL Filtering
  • Mobile device management
  • Anti-Virus and end point protection technology
  • Monitoring and access control of Identified Sensitive data
  • Ability to scan for sensitive data

OCIE Cybersecurity Initiative

In April 2014, the SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) issued a Risk Alert which highlighted new initiatives currently being undertaken in regard to cybersecurity preparedness in the securities industry. In an effort to promote compliance and risk-related information sharing, the OCIE has included, as an appendix to the Risk Alert, a sample request for information and documents associated with this endeavor.
For information regarding Abacus’s response and client assistance offering, please refer to the following link: OCIE Cybersecurity Initiative