Voice Solutions

Simplifying Voice Services

AbacusVoice™ is a fully managed hosted voice solution that offers the convenience of a turnkey solution with uninterrupted technical support, eliminating the need to invest in on-site systems and maintenance staff. A fully scalable, high-performance, all-in-one solution, AbacusVoice allows firms to add and upgrade features seamlessly as needed, enabling firms to focus their resources on their core business rather than their telephony. All call traffic is routed over a secure private network, sheltered from traffic disruption, resulting in the highest quality voice and sound experience.

AbacusVoice™ Highlights:

The Abacus Group provides clients multiple levels of Disaster Recovery technology to accommodate single points of failure and catastrophic outages.

  • State-of-the-art Cisco IP handsets: full color, multi-line, touch screen handsets for ease of use
  • Convenient call coverage and automated attendant: easy-to-use call features and customized automated attendants ensure calls reach the right people at the right time
  • Sophisticated conferencing: conference calls can be set up ad hoc or scheduled in advance
  • Phonebooks, directories, call logs: easily access personal phone books, firm contacts and employee extensions via phone or web interface; users can access call logs showing dates and times of missed, received and placed calls, as well as historical inbound call data
  • Advanced messaging management: fully email-integrated voicemail with transcription capabilities, automatic time stamping, multiple-voicemail box access, and missed call alerts via email
  • Seamless computer-phone integration: users can receive computer-screen alerts for phone activity, and manage phone line, voicemail, and conferencing services
  • Superior business intelligence: users can export data on demand to delve into detailed call records organized by call time, destination, caller, etc.