Robust and Secure Managed Detection and Response for the Financial Services Sector

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Address Advanced Cybersecurity Threats and Compliance Requirements

Protect your firm and satisfy compliance requirements with abacusMDR, offering proactive threat detection, rapid incident response, and continuous security monitoring, all managed by our team of cybersecurity experts. With our 24 x 7 Security Operations Center (SOC), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform, in-depth reporting, and seamless implementation process, you can ensure your firm stays ahead of evolving cyber threats and remains compliant with current and future regulations.

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abacusMDR meets the cybersecurity requirements of the financial services industry.

24 x 7 SOC

The Abacus SOC continuously monitors your environment 24 x 7 for threats and suspicious activity. Our monitoring capabilities span the entire attack surface: Endpoints, Networks and Cloud Resources.

Our SOC team is comprised of certified cybersecurity experts located all around the world. Abacus takes the following actions immediately following confirmation of a threat:

  • Contains the vulnerability by quarantining endpoints, locking accounts, blocking IP addresses, and halting processes.
  • Notifies you of the threat.
  • Advises you about the nature of the attack and recommends next steps.
  • Remediates the issue. With your MDR under the Abacus Group umbrella, remediation efforts will be faster and easier.

Rapid7 SIEM

The abacusMDR solution is powered by our Rapid7 InsightIDR SIEM platform. Our SIEM provides advanced threat monitoring, alerting and analytic capabilities, utilizing logs aggregated across:

  • Microsoft
  • Domain Services
  • Antivirus
  • Networking Infrastructure
  • Email Infrastructure
  • Remote Access Technologies
Our SIEM constantly monitors for threats and automatically sends alerts to the Abacus team. We do this by leveraging user behavior analytics, endpoint detection and response (EDR), MITRE ATT&CK Alignment, 13 months of data retention, and more.

Dedicated Point of Contact

Benefit from premium service with a primary point of contact should questions arise.

Incident Reporting

Should an incident occur, details are documented according to best practice and are investor ODD-ready.

  • Timeline of events
  • Threat containment and eradication
  • Root cause analysis
  • Expert advice on remediation and next steps

Why abacusMDR Specifically?

  1. One Streamlined Solution
    With everything in one place, you don’t have to sit between multiple vendors, such as an MDR provider and your IT MSP, reducing remediation time and frustration in the event of a threat.
  2. Minimal Onboarding Time
    Components of the Abacus platform are pre-configured to send logs to our SIEM, and standard workstation deployments already include the necessary monitoring agents.
  3. Experts on Hand
    Our team has decades of experience specifically focused on the needs of the financial services sector. They are experts in every facet of MDR, including systems and logs generated by integrated platforms. You can gain peace-of-mind that everything is running seamlessly in the background to protect your firm
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Fully Integrated with our IT and Cybersecurity Platform

Our MDR solution is fully-integrated with abacusFlex, our scalable, secure and compliant IT and cybersecurity ecosystem trusted by over 700 financial services customers globally.

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