Phishing Awareness Resources

Access and download a range of phishing awareness resources provided by Proofpoint, one of Abacus Group's valued cybersecurity solutions partners.


Phishing - Credit Card - Keyboard

Facts About Phishing

Phishing - Red Email

Keys to Avoid Phishing Emails and Ransomware Attacks


Security Tonight Thumbnail

Security Tonight

Proofpoint - Attack Spotlight HR Phishing Video Thumbnail

Attack Spotlight: HR-Related COVID Phishing

Proofpoint - Amazon Phishing Scams Video Thumbnail-1

Attack Spotlight: Amazon Phishing Scams

60 Seconds to Better Security Video Thumbnail

60 Seconds to Better Security: What is Phishing?


Proofpoint - Phishing Inbox Invaders Preview Image

Phishing: Inbox Invaders Infographic


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