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To ensure your firm has complete transparency and control over your technology platform, we provide a suite of compliance-focused tools, including important documents, reports and interfaces. Our dedicated software team is constantly developing new features and reporting capabilities.

Service Dashboard

abacusPortal Dashboard

The abacusPortal Service Dashboard provides a view of your technology platform at-a-glance. View summary information about your Abacus services, with the ability to drill down into details that give you unprecedented visibility.


Dedicated features give visibility and control over specific aspects of your IT platform.

Internet Settings

View and manage your web browsing policy settings. See which website categories or individual websites are blocked by your organization. Compare your settings to Abacus’ recommendations, or to our general client base, then submit formal change requests if necessary.

Account Management

Create and remove user accounts with granular service request forms. View contact info, and customize notification preferences. Manage user authorization levels with our fully audited Roles and Controls module.

Distribution Lists

Have full visibility into your firm’s email distribution lists. View members of each list and submit formal requests to add, remove or modify.


View balances, historical invoices and payments. Access a history of service change requests to make it easier to reconcile your monthly invoices.

Service Tickets

Get a comprehensive view of your service ticket activity, including summary graphs, trends and individual ticket details.

Managed Services

View your services and track your firm’s data storage usage, user accounts, mailboxes and computing capacity.

Service Request Forms

  • Add & Remove User Service
  • Request New Hardware
  • New Service Tickets
  • Send Us Feedback
  • Distribution List Change Request
  • Web Browsing Policy Change Request
Service Request Form


Management reports allow clients to demonstrate vendor oversight while understanding their IT platform.

Antivirus Reports

This report provides you with unprecedented visibility and transparency into virus and malware-based threats mitigated by SentinalOne on your network over the past 30 days.

Device Inventory Reports

This report shows important details about your Abacus-managed assets, including workstations, mobile devices, virtual machines, routers and switches.

Folder Size Reports

This report provides transparency into your Share Drive and Personal Drive data usage on our file servers.

Software Reports

This report shows software applications installed on active corporate PCs and laptops. Monitor recent software installations across your organization on a routine basis.

File Permission

Daily and monthly File Server Permission reports. These reports show security group membership, folder permissions, and changes that have taken place over the past 30 days.

3rd Party Patch Management Reports

This report is a feature of automated third-party patch management, which keeps workstations up-to-date with the latest versions of sensitive applications. This exception report gives transparency into the patching process.

Document Library

An evolving library of important documents keep you in-the-know.

About Abacus

View documentation that describes our IT services, platform, privacy rules and service rates.


A wide range of compliance related documents are available including our certifications, test results and security reports.

Disaster Recovery

View Disaster Recovery documentation that details the results of tests administered to ensure business continuity.

User Documentation

Access various documents on how to use our service, including a Portal Guide, Office 365 information and additional features.


Learn more about how your firm can benefit from our comprehensive IT and cybersecurity services.

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