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Governance and Risk Management

We set the standard for cybersecurity governance, compliance and risk management within the financial sector. Our services, powered by Gotham Security, an Abacus Group Company, integrate bespoke technology solutions with deep industry knowledge, ensuring your firm navigates the cybersecurity landscape confidently, meets compliance demands, and confidently counters emerging threats.

Written Information Security Program

We offer unparalleled WISP development services tailored to fit your unique technology and security footprint while being aligned with industry frameworks like NIST CSF and CIS CSC. Our expertly crafted WISPs are designed to be intuitive, easily-maintainable and actionable, allowing you to navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance confidently.

Regulatory Compliance Mastery

Navigate the intricate web of regulatory requirements with ease. Our WISPs are engineered to help your organization comply with stringent standards from the SEC, FCA, DORA and NYDFS 23 NYCRR 500, ensuring you meet or exceed the necessary legal and regulatory benchmarks.

Comprehensive Security Safeguards

From administrative to technical defenses, our WISPs encompass a wide array of safeguards, including data classification, risk management, physical security controls, incident response, business continuity, generative AI acceptable use, and more. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of your organization's security is fortified.

Customized, User-Friendly Policies

Our WISPs are customized to your organization's unique needs, crafted for clarity and ease of understanding, ensuring that policies are not only comprehensive but also straightforward to implement and keep up-to-date.

Enhanced Organizational Resilience

With our WISPs, your organization gains more than just a policy document, you receive a complete ecosystem of security processes, including task lists, incident response plans, and business continuity strategies, all within our Panoptix Cybersecurity Dashboard.

Vendor Due Diligence & Third-Party Risk Management

In the interconnected world of business, your cybersecurity posture is only as strong as the weakest link in your supply chain. Our Third-Party Risk Management and Vendor Due Diligence solutions are designed to fortify your defenses by ensuring that your vendors' cybersecurity measures meet and exceed industry standards. Leveraging robust evaluation frameworks such as CAIQ, SIG and AITEC-AIMA, our vendor due diligence questionnaires provide a comprehensive assessment of your vendors' cybersecurity maturity.

Industry Standard and Custom Questionnaires

Utilize industry standard frameworks complemented by custom questions to gain deep insights into your vendors' cybersecurity practices, ensuring a thorough evaluation tailored to your unique requirements. 

Unique Flat-Rate Model

Our innovate pricing for assessing unique vendors offers unparalleled value. You won't pay extra for any vendors we've recently assessment, a testament to the benefits of being part of our ecosystem. This model is designed to encourage comprehensive due diligence without the worry of escalating costs.

Seamless Integration

All vendor due diligence data is effortlessly integrated into our cutting-edge Panoptix Cybersecurity Dashboard. This integration provides you with centralized access and visibility into your due diligence activities, streamlining your risk management processes and enhancing your ability to make informed decisions about your vendors.

Ecosystem Advantage

Being part of our cybersecurity ecosystem ensures you're always informed about the security posture of your vendors thanks to our continuously updated assessments. This proactive approach to vendor risk management enables you to understand your vendors' security posture without having to ask.

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Virtual Chief Information Security Officer & Team

Our vCISO service offers a comprehensive, white-glove approach to safeguarding your organization and taking care of all your cybersecurity regulatory compliance requirements. Unlike traditional offerings, our vCISO service provides not just one individual, but an entire dedicated cybersecurity team.

Table Top Testing

Our Incident Response Table Top Testing services are designed to arm your organization against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats by emulating various security incidents. We prepare your team for the unexpected through the simulation of realistic scenarios, including business email compromise (BEC) attacks and ransomware attacks.

Robust and Customized Exercises

We employ a hybrid approach of leveraging our real-world white hat hacker expertise alongside CISA's Table Top Exercise Packages to deliver exercises customized to your organization's security program and technology stack. Our approach equips your team with the knowledge to identify and respond to incidents effectively.

Comprehensive Preparedness

Beyond theoretical knowledge, our table top testing provides hands-on practice and step-by-step guidance to improve your security posture. This ensures you are thoroughly prepared to respond to threats swiftly and efficiently in the future.

Enhanced Team Coordination

Our testing exercises are designed to enhance coordination and communication among your incident response team. By working through simulated attacks together, team members learn how to respond to actual incidents and are provided an incident response management framework within our Panoptix Cybersecurity Dashboard.

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Mitigation

Our testing ensures your organization meets cybersecurity compliance requirements set by regulatory bodies such as the SEC, FCA and DORA. By identifying and addressing weaknesses in your incident response plan, we not only aid in achieving compliance by also significantly reduce your risk profile.

PortCo Program

Portfolio Company Cybersecurity Advisory Services for Private Equity Firms

Our PortCo Advisory Services for Private Equity firms represent a paradigm shift in how investments are protected in the digital age. Our suite of specialized cybersecurity services are designed to safeguard portfolio companies from the dual threats of cyber incidents and regulatory non-compliance across all major industries, including financial services, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, technology, retail and energy utilities.

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Panoptix: Cybersecurity Dashboard

We provide a transparent cybersecurity and risk management dashboard, empowering you to continuously monitor, measure and improve your organization's security posture. Data from our governance and risk management services automatically funnels into your dashboard, allowing you to track your cybersecurity efforts in one place in realtime. 

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