Integrated Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

Seamless Vulnerability Discovery to Remediation Cycle

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Bring Your Vulnerability and Remediation Management Under One Roof

Abacus Group’s Integrated Vulnerability Lifecycle Management solution bundles our abacusVMaaS and abacusRMaaS services to provide you with a continuous and seamless vulnerability discovery to remediation process. Eliminate the hassle of managing multiple vendors to keep your firm safe. Benefit from increased transparency, faster time to remediation, and reporting coherence that you can only get with Abacus’ combined solution.

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The Lifecycle Process

Ensure your assets are continuously monitored and threats never go unaddressed.

The Reporting Difference

With your vulnerability scanning and remediation efforts being handled by Abacus Group, you’ll benefit from coherent, detailed, and understandable reporting that separate vendors could not provide. For increased transparency, you’ll be able to view current remediation efforts and download historical reports.

Simple Cost Structure

Keep billing simple with our monthly subscription model that ensures vulnerabilities are continuously detected, prioritized, remediated, and reported on.

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Step 1: Discovery

In today's rapidly evolving cyber landscape, your organization is constantly at risk from ongoing threats.

abacusVMaaS powered by Gotham Security offers the benefit of proactive cybersecurity, ensuring you stay one step ahead of malicious actors.

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Comprehensive Vulnerability Scanning

Perpetual scanning of your entire attack surface gives you the upper hand in defending against known and unknown threats, no matter the network or device.

Risk Register

Track the remediation efforts of discovered vulnerabilities, accepted risks, and completed remediations in a live-updating, interactive Risk Register.

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Step 2-6:
Analysis through Reporting

abacusRMaas offers robust, strategic and effective remediation services tailored to address the unique challenges faced by the financial services sector.

We craft customized remediation strategies designed to safeguard your data, minimize disruptions, and satisfy regulatory compliance requirements. Our Remediation Prioritization Formula ensures the most significant threats to your firm are prioritized first, bolstering your security posture.

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Minimize Disruptive Remediations

Remediations are inherently risky and can disrupt business operations if not executed carefully. Our team's sustained engagement allows us to build relationships and tailor remediations to your workflow preferences. 

Fulfill Compliance Requirements

Comply with current regulations and stay ahead of future rulings, including the SEC's proposed rule requiring registered advisors and funds to detect, mitigate and remediate cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.

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Panoptix: Cybersecurity Dashboard

We provide a transparent cybersecurity and risk management dashboard, empowering you to continuously monitor, measure and improve your organization's security posture. Data from our vulnerability scanner automatically funnels into your dashboard, allowing you to track your vulnerabilities and remediation efforts in one place in realtime. 

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