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Remote Access Options for abacusFlex

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The New Paradigm of Remote Work

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, working traditionally from a secured office location was turned upside down. Instead of a few people working remote sporadically, 97% of Abacus clients asked employees to work remote for the foreseeable future. The world you need to secure continues to expand as users and applications shift to locations outside the traditional network perimeter.

The Abacus platform, from day one, was designed as cloud-first and with robust and secure remote access options. It provides any user the ability to securely work from anywhere. Even as the world becomes safer, many clients have told us they foresee their employees being given options to work either exclusively from home or in a hybrid model, with periodic trips into the office. Having a secure remote access option available to every user and situation is more important than ever.

Mitigate Risk

Ensure corporate assets are protected behind a firewall at all times.

Remote Access Diagram

Remote access isn’t just about being able to access your work applications and data as needed from outside the office, ensuring only those with authorized use can gain access to your corporate network protected behind a firewall. It’s also important to ensure your employees are always going through your corporate firewall before accessing the Internet from any corporate PC, just like when in the office. A firewall is a layer of network security that monitors all incoming and outgoing network traffic. Based on specific security rules put in place, it determines whether to allow or block traffic. Abacus data centers process traffic through next-generation firewalls powered by Palo Alto Networks.

Key Features & Benefits of Abacus Remote Access Options

User Experience

Security Features Identical to In-Office

Standard Security Policies & Protocols

Ongoing Support & Monitoring

Next-Generation Technology

High Quality

Connectivity Speeds

Easy-to-Deploy & Implement Firm-Wide

Mobility & Ease-of-Use When Traveling

Remote Access Options


Home-Office Setup Hardware VPN
Powered by: Cisco Meraki

  • Ideal for VIPs/traders/executives within your firm who need a seamless, no fuss, no maintenance permanent home office setup that replicates an identical user experience as being in-office
  • Always-on, persistent connection to your corporate network using the Palo Alto firewalls in Abacus data centers
  • Abacus monitors the health and uptime of every Meraki device
  • Provides ability to RDP from Meraki-connected home PC to office PC and vice versa
  • Meraki hardware requires a hardwired Ethernet outlet and works best with high-speed Internet


Next-Gen Software VPN
Powered by: Palo Alto GlobalProtect

  • Similar user experience and security protocols as being in-office
  • Faster connection than standard VPNs, due to increased processing power
  • Speeds capable up to 1GB (dependent on user’s Internet connection speed)
  • Connect via easy-to-install software application, regardless of if PC is Abacus-managed
  • Requires user authentication only 1x per month, versus daily for standard VPNs
  • Ideal for working from any location outside the office, including while traveling
  • Forces employees working remote to always be behind your corporate firewall and subject to your firm’s web filtering policies
  • Enhanced security features when installed on Abacus-managed PCs


Desktop Virtualization
Powered by: Citrix Virtual Apps

  • Virtual digital workspace contained within Abacus data centers
  • Connect via web browser or application, regardless of if PC is Abacus-managed
  • Provides access to specific applications and network shares through a controlled environment
  • Ideal for interns, vendors and consultants who only need access to a limited set of applications and data
  • Best remote access option for users with limited Internet connectivity or in locations far from Abacus data centers
  • Corporate data never leaves the Abacus data center

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