Abacus Client Portal: The Secure Hub of Your Technology Platform

Mar 2, 2018

By Chris Steele, Managing Director of Software Services

We’re consistently told by our clients that one of the differentiators about us versus other IT vendor options they have is our Abacus Client Portal. This proprietary suite of compliance tools designed and developed in-house at Abacus provides complete transparency and control of your firm’s technology platform, as it was designed specifically to meet the compliance and regulatory oversight needs of alternative investment firms in the US, the UK and the EU. All of our Abacus clients are provided with self-service portal access, giving visibility into your managed services with an evolving library of important documents, reports and interfaces.

The Abacus Client Portal was initially designed and continues to evolve and be maintained by our own in-house software development team based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our development of the software revolves around a strategic focus partnering with clients to take their feedback and turn it into what they need to have transparency into our managed IT services platform.

New Features Added in 2017

I’m proud to say that 2017 was a very exciting year for our software team, as we had the opportunity to add a significant number of new features to the portal. One of these enhancements included adding a new service dashboard enabling clients to conduct routine IT overviews to meet demands from regulators, investors, compliance personnel and auditors. We also added new modules and reporting capabilities allowing clients to see all activity and history of their portal users.

Portal Overview Video

Our marketing team recently made a little video summarizing key features of the Abacus Portal showing everyone why our clients are raving about it – take a look!


New Security Reporting Coming in 2018

So what’s next in the Abacus Client Portal development pipeline? Based on client feedback, we are working on adding even more security reporting. Specifically, we’re frequently asked to provide transparency into how Abacus is protecting workstations from antivirus threats.

Our information security team recently implemented a new next-generation antivirus (NGAV) software across all the PCs we manage for clients that are connected to our private cloud platform. Based on the capabilities of this software, we’re now working on developing a new antivirus report in the Portal that will show 30 days of threat activity, including the current status of each threat. We’re putting an emphasis on making the report “human-readable” while providing context related to how Abacus manages different types of antivirus threats.

New Data Usage Reporting Coming in 2018

We’ve also received a significant number of client requests to provide more data usage reporting, specifically around being able to manage data usage costs. Therefore, we’re simultaneously working on developing a report that shows the size (in GB) of folders in the root directory of file shares.

We anticipate rolling out both of these new reports to the Client Portal in the coming months – stay tuned!



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