We are committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Abacus IT services. Our team continuously focuses on increasing security, reducing risk and providing value-added security services for our clients.

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Our Cybersecurity
Defense-in-Depth Structure


Our Philosophy

Appropriate governance & policy structure.

Continuous security education.

Robust & scalable security architecture, monitoring & innovation.

Dedicated Information Security Team

We have a dedicated team of information security professionals who hold CISSP certifications. The team proactively sets strategy to secure our systems and minimize risks.


Our team sets strategy to secure Abacus and minimize risk.


Our team mitigates security risks through research, assessment, outreach, policy and best practices.

Pen Tests

Our team engages at least 2 external vendors for 3 pen tests each year for our systems and platform.

Incident Response

Our team responds to security breaches following Intelligence-Driven Incident Response Protocols.


Our team provides security consulting to clients as requested.


Viruses Blocked Annually


Botnets Blocked Annually


SIEM Events Processed Annually


Indicators of Compromise Annually


Vulnerabilities Remediated Annually


URLs Blocked Annually

Cybersecurity Awareness Education

When it comes to cybersecurity, your users are the first line of defense. We provide a comprehensive, annual cybersecurity education program for all users of our abacusFlex service, consisting of three components:

Cybersecurity Training

On-demand interactive and self-paced training via video which include common traps, demos and scenario-based exercises.

Phishing Tests

Sent randomly to users, simulating a fully automated phishing attack that leverages commonly used tactics.

Compliance Reporting

Training and test reports provided on a cybersecurity dashboard within the abacusPortal.

Third-Party Patching
for Enhanced Endpoint Protection

All abacusFlex services include a standard third-party patching feature. This vital component of the Abacus platform reduces a firm’s security vulnerabilities by ensuring critical applications on Abacus-managed workstations receive important software updates. And, the status of your firm’s workstation fleet is available to view automatically via the abacusPortal.

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Documentation & Policy Review

We continually look for improvements to refine our security-related policies and communicate them to our clients via documentation found in the Client Portal.

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