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About Gotham Security

Gotham Security was acquired by Abacus Group in January 2023, and provides high-quality penetration testing, policy writing, malicious adversary simulation, threat intelligence services and cybersecurity strategy services. The team is comprised of elite white hat hackers, known as the go-to "cyber strike team." Gotham serves a number of Fortune 1000 companies across all major sectors of business, and like Abacus, caters to the financial services and investment management industry.

Gotham Security's Services

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Attack Simulation Services

Compliance & Strategy

Information Security Policy Writing Services

Risk Reduction

Threat Management

Company Structure

Gotham Structure Diagram

Red Team
Gotham Security

  • Project-based & Continuous Network Penetration Testing
  • Continuous Vulnerability Scanning & Risk Management
  • Cyber Risk & Compliance Gap Assessments
  • Social Engineering Testing Engagements
  • Third-Party Risk Analysis & Management
  • Proactive Threat Intelligence Monitoring
  • Written Information Security Policy (WISP), IRP & BCP Creation and Review
  • Tabletop Testing

Purple Team

  • Continuous Real-Time Insight: Increased attack surface and cybersecurity risk awareness with up-to-date details via continuous security testing rather than onetime snapshots.
  • Increased Focus: Greater contextual insight into compliance posture helps prioritize focus on what matters.
  • Faster Remediation: Faster time to remediation by the blue team for cybersecurity risks and compliance gaps identified by the red team.
  • Cost Efficiencies: Cost savings via reduced overhead compared to conventional “dual” provider scenarios.
  • Improvements for All: Fixes for vulnerabilities discovered in one environment can be propagated across all Abacus clients which benefits the entire platform. Machine learning will make improvements for everyone, not just the tunnel-visioned individual firm contracted for the services.

Blue Team
Abacus Group

  • User Support & Protection
  • Network & Endpoint Threat Protection
  • Security Information Event Management (SIEM) / XDR
  • 24 x 7 Security Operations Center (SOC) Endpoint & Network Risk Monitoring
  • Risk Remediation
  • Incident Response
  • Phishing & Cybersecurity Training


There are two separate legal entities under the Abacus Group Holding Company: Abacus Group and Gotham Security. Gotham Security reports to the President of Abacus Group, not the CTO of Abacus Group. This structure is similar to that of investment banks adhering to SEC Reg FD. 

Abacus Group (blue team) maintains its own independent cybersecurity team that manages the Abacus Security Platform. The platform’s security controls are evaluated and tested three times per year by independent 3rd party cybersecurity firms.

SOC 1 Type 2 compliance, which Abacus maintains annually, ensures the segregation of duties between the organizations and their staff. SOC 2 certification is in process.

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