Abacus expertise featured in Hedge Fund Legal & Compliance Digest article on Disaster Recovery

by Abacus Group, on Oct 6, 2017

Abacus Group CEO Chris Grandi and Director of Disaster Recovery Matt Hilsenrad were both recently quoted in a Hedge Fund Legal & Compliance Digest article on "Key Elements of a Comprehensive Hedge Fund Disaster Recovery Plan."

“Aside from being prudent business practice,” said Grandi, “the investor due diligence expectations are at such a point now that if you did not have a disaster recovery plan, the investor would likely withhold making an investment. It is absolutely critical that all hedge funds have disaster recovery.”

“We do testing twice a year,” Hilsenrad offered. “We simulate what it would be like to bring a hedge fund manager’s servers offline then bring them back online, so they’re familiar with the process.”

Read full article here.



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