Abacus Group Enhances its Managed IT and Cybersecurity Services for Evolving Needs of Financial Services

by Abacus Group, on Apr 22, 2024

NEW YORK - April 22, 2024 - Abacus Group, the leading Managed Services Provider (“MSP”) to financial services firms with specialized cybersecurity expertise provided by Gotham Security, an Abacus Group company, today unveils a revamp of its integrated IT and security solutions and services to meet the changing needs of the financial services industry.

The enhanced offering aims to provide firms with easy-to-select and comprehensible packages, which can be tailored to emerging firms, established and regulated firms, and sophisticated high-tech firms, as well as providing guidance on what is regulator and investor-friendly. This one-stop-shop solution will be provided by Abacus Group and Gotham Security under the “One Abacus” umbrella following the company’s acquisition of the cybersecurity provider last year.

This strategic change will enable Abacus Group to manage all of its clients’ IT and security requirements now and in the future. It is focused on helping financial services firms navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape and align with operational due diligence and regulatory requirements, both current and pending. This includes the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, and the Digital and Operational Resiliency Act (DORA) for European entities.

At the core of the enhanced solutions is abacusFlex, a comprehensive, secure and compliant integrated Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) ecosystem, which is already trusted by more than 700 financial services customers globally. The solution provides clients with a full spectrum of security controls from baseline protection to advanced enterprise-grade security, all through a single platform that scales as needs evolve. abacusFlex will now be provided to clients via three tailored packages:

  • CyberBasic – providing baseline cybersecurity protection and fast onboarding for emerging and non-regulated firms
  • CyberCore – a comprehensive package of technical and process controls providing security protection for regulated financial services firms and addressing Operational Due Diligence (ODD)
  • CyberEnterprise – a sophisticated security ecosystem providing cyber-governance capabilities alongside advanced technology for regulated firms, with governance and risk management add-on services powered by Gotham Security

"As cyber threats continue to evolve, it's critical that our clients know our top priority is keeping them secure, no matter their maturity and unique needs," says Jonathan Bohrer, President at Abacus Group. "Leveraging extensive client feedback and insights from our cyber special forces at Gotham Security, we've revamped and upgraded our cybersecurity packages to provide the most advanced, comprehensive protection available. Our goal is to reduce cyber risk and simplify compliance so our clients can focus on their core business objectives. These enhancements deliver cyber defenses in a flexible, tiered model."

Abacus Group’s dedicated cybersecurity team, including certified ethical hackers from Gotham Security, will deliver the enhanced solutions, including real-world penetration testing, risk assessments, and ongoing monitoring and response through the company’s Security Operations Center (SOC). Abacus Group clients will maintain visibility into their firm’s cybersecurity program through a transparent Cybersecurity and Risk Management Dashboard, which was designed with ease-of-use and financial services regulatory requirements in mind.

The new cybersecurity packages are available immediately. For more information about Abacus Group and its services, please visit www.abacusgroupllc.com.

About Abacus Group

Abacus Group is a global Managed Services Provider with specialized cybersecurity expertise provided by Gotham Security, an Abacus Group company. Together with Gotham Security, a leading Managed Services Security Provider (MSSP), Abacus Group provides a one-stop-shop of IT and security solutions and services specifically designed for the unique needs of the financial services industry.

The innovative and award-winning abacusFlex platform allow financial services firms to source all technology and security needs as a service, offering the capacity to scale on demand to meet current and future cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and storage requirements. The company has offices in New York, NY; San Francisco, CA; Boston, MA; Dallas, TX; Greenwich, CT; Los Angeles, CA; Charlotte, NC; Miami, FL; London, UK and Edinburgh, UK. For more information, visit www.abacusgroupllc.com. 

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