Abacus Group Launches AbacusGlobalSync™

by Abacus Group, on May 17, 2018

New service offers real-time file synchronization across multiple geographically dispersed data centers  

NEW YORK, May 17, 2018 – Abacus Group, a leading provider of hosted IT solutions and application hosting for alternative investment firms, today announced the launch of AbacusGlobalSync™. The new service enables AbacusFLEX™ IT-as-a-Service clients with geographically diverse offices to securely synchronize files and data within the Abacus Cloud, enabling them to increase efficiency and collaboration while maintaining security and audit controls of their data.

Today’s firms are spread across the globe and often face significant latency and editing conflicts when they need to access and synchronize their data, which can decrease productivity and impact the bottom line. Recognizing that firms need fast, secure access to their information, regardless of location, AbacusGlobalSync provides virtually real-time synchronization of files between multiple data centers. Authorized employees can use the service within the secure Abacus Cloud to quickly access files from different offices and data centers, reducing the risk of versioning issues while improving latency by up to 45%.

“As the alternative investment universe has expanded globally, firms need a new way to reduce latency with data access and synchronization, ensure accurate document versioning and securely run data audits – in as near real-time as possible,” said Chris Grandi, CEO at Abacus Group. “AbacusGlobalSync is another example of our commitment to working with our clients to recognize and help remedy their critical infrastructure issues.”

AbacusGlobalSync is available to all AbacusFLEX clients. The solution’s key functionality includes real-time file synchronization between file servers in multiple data centers, built-in file locking control to prevent potential data loss, and the option of file server auditing. All client data is secured within the Abacus Cloud.


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