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How to prevent accidental or malicious insider threats - article by Abacus Dir. of Information Security John Carbo published by SC Magazine UK

Abacus Group - May 28, 2019

An article by John Carbo, Director of Information Security at Abacus Group, has been published by cybersecurity site SC Magazine UK. John shares how to prevent accidental or malicious insider threats by using the technical controls and reports offered by your IT provider to promote the proper use of data and systems.

IT executives are responsible for creating policies that specify the appropriate use of technology within a firm. Policies provide employees with technology do’s and don’ts, but policies alone cannot stop an accidental or malicious insider. Technical controls and reports on the technology are the key to effectively prevent insider threats. Without controls and reports, firms are only protected by the paper that the policy is written on....

Read full article on SC Magazine UK website.

Topics: cybersecurity

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