IT Reliability & Security in Investment Firms - article by Abacus Dir. of DR Matt Hilsenrad published by Security Magazine

by Abacus Group, on May 23, 2019

An article by Abacus Group's Matt Hilsenrad, Director of Disaster Recovery, has been published by Security Magazine. Matt shares what to expect from your Managed Service Provider (MSP) when it comes to your firm's technology and security.

Investment firms are among the most security-conscious businesses, for good reason. Their clients depend on them to be up and running constantly and to keep their investments and privacy safe. But disasters lurk in both physical (storms, power outages, hardware crashes) and cyber (viruses, malware attacks) realms. And in investment management, a day – or even an hour – of downtime is a disaster....

Read full article on Security Magazine website (free subscription required).

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