Upcoming Roundtable Discussion Focused on Intrusion Detection.

by Abacus Group, on Jul 10, 2014

Abacus Group LLC has an upcoming roundtable discussion with co-host eSentire on Wednesday, October 30th. The discussion will be centered around intrusion detection among outsourcing providers and some of the key factors that CTOs should be aware of when working with an infrastructure provider. This will serve as an opportunity for a select number of industry executives to get some feedback and ask any questions they have on this topic, both among themselves and with the discussion panelists. The panel will be lead by Art Murphy, Director of Client Development at Abacus Group LLC, and Eldon Sprickerhoff, Co-founder and CTO of eSentire.



Eldon Sprickerhoff Co-founder and CTO, eSentire
With over 15 years of tactical information security experience, Mr. Sprickerhoff leads both the eSentire security research team, as well as the eSentire customer-facing team that conducts vulnerability assessments. Mr. Sprickerhoff sets the future vision and direction for security technology within the company, defines operational security best practices, and oversees the security posture on behalf of our customers. He holds several security industry certifications and is considered to be a subject matter expert in information security analysis. He holds a Bachelor of Mathematics, Computer Science degree from the University of Waterloo.

Art Murphy, Director of Client Development, Abacus Group LLC
Art teams with clients to develop new products and services. Art possesses over a decade of business development and client relations experience with hedge funds and financial technology. Prior to Abacus, Art was the Vice President of Business Development at Linedata Services, a global solutions provider focused on the investment management and credit communities. At Linedata he helped design and build the company's profitable business infrastructure and launch its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. Throughout his career Art has held leadership roles at emerging and established financial software and infrastructure companies such as Nirvana Solutions, NorthPoint Solutions and Eze Castle Integration. Art is based in New York.




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