Mid-Pandemic Entertainment Distraction: What the Abacus Team is Watching This Week

Apr 3, 2020

With everything going on in the world, we all need a distraction. A good show or movie can be the perfect way to take your mind off of COVID-19 related concerns. Because of this, we are publishing a weekly blog post of mid-pandemic entertainment. Find out what the Abacus team is watching this week!

1) Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness (Netflix)
Documentary; TV-MA

"This show is the exact kind of twist and turn documentary that every reality TV junkie is looking for. Joe Exotic is just that, an exotic “zoo” owner in Oklahoma battling demons both physical and mental. Joe is struggling to keep his zoo afloat all the while attempting to get Big Cat Rescue Owner, Carole Baskin off his back, running for local office, not going to jail for attempted murder for hire, and becoming a millionaire. This documentary has some of the most beautiful animals you’ll ever see, and some of the ugliest hearts." - Molly, Client Support Operations

"I finally succumbed to the peer pressure and sat down to learn more about Joe, the Tiger King. I was not disappointed. This show has everything you need in a quarantine guilty pleasure…rags to riches story, baby tigers, the best country music you have ever heard, and a good ole fashioned murder mystery. This limited series is a guaranteed good time, so grab your popcorn and get ready to enjoy the best Netflix has to offer!!" - Desiree, Software

2) The Good Doctor (ABC, Hulu, Youtube TV)
Medical Drama Series; TV-14

"To me it is a pretty good and entertaining show. It is about an autistic surgical doctor who is a genius but not very well with people. There is some comedy in there also. Overall a great show." - Reggie, Remote Client Support

3) Interrogation (CBS All Access)
True Crime/Drama Series; TV-MA

"The show is unique in that it wants you to watch the episodes in the order you choose with only a designated first and last episode, but in-between it's up to you. Instead of a linear approach to the investigation you are in fact approaching it as a cold case detective. The acting is great and the characters feel real, mainly because the show is based off of interviews with real people involved in the actual case. If you love crime dramas but want something fresh then this is a show to watch." - Simon, Onsite Support

4) Formula 1: Drive to Survive (Netflix)
Sports/Drama Series; TV-MA

"Two years ago while sick in bed with the flu I stumbled across this series and instantaneously became an F1 fan.  The technology behind the cars, the skills and instincts of the drivers, and fascinating data analytics make for an amazing spectacle." - Leo, Account Management

5) Star Trek - The Next Generation (Netflix, Amazon Prime)
Sci Fi Series; TV-PG

"Re-watching ST-TNG is a great reminder for me to continue to better myself every day and learn to work together with everyone." - Steven T., Onsite Client Support

6) Homeland (Showtime, Amazon Prime, Hulu)
Drama Series; TV-MA

"I have been watching Homeland since it first came out almost 10 years ago. The season currently airing is the final season. This show has a great plot with lots of twists and turns. You are constantly wondering what’s going to happen next. I’m looking forward to seeing how Carrie’s (Claire Danes) story wraps up." - Matthew, Marketing

7) Westworld (HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime)
Sci-Fi Series; TV-MA

"Love Sci-Fi and its acted and written masterfully." - Ian, Client Support

8) WWE NXT (WWE Network, Hulu)
Sport/Family Entertainment Series; TV-PG

"NXT is one of the best products out there and with Wrestlemania this weekend, it’s a must watch. Wrestlemania is the biggest wrestling event of the year." - Steven C., Onsite Support

9) Marvel's Iron Fist (Netflix)
Crime/Drama Series; TV-MA

"Everybody is Kung Fu fighting, your mind becomes fast as lightning." - Daniel, Remote Support


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