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How hybrid cloud technology maximizes the benefits of the cloud

Abacus Group - Jun 6, 2018

by Chris Grandi, CEO at Abacus Group

The investment management industry has traditionally been slow in adopting new technologies, and rightfully so considering the stringent compliance and regulatory demands the sector must adhere to. This has especially been the case when it comes to cloud-based technology, transitioning away from on-premise servers housed with a hedge fund's office.

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Who Owns Cybersecurity At Hedge Funds?

Abacus Group - Oct 26, 2016

US based hedge funds are finding themselves under more scrutiny with regards to increasing regulatory demands on adherence to Cybersecurity requirements. The SEC continues to release OCIE Risk Alerts that outline the multitude of requirements hedge funds need to be prepared to address, as well as disclose their specific solutions during audits. With regulations approaching, the question being asked is how far will the regulators take this, and ultimately who is responsible?

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