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Summer Cyber Reading List

Abacus Group - Jul 17, 2019

The following originally appeared on SC Magazine UK, contributed by Paul Ponzeka, CTO at Abacus Group.



Fact and fiction - a summer reading list for pros and others interested in cyber-security to help enlighten, educate and entertain, and while they may be from a US perspective, the lessons are international.

Often, fact is stranger than fiction. Cyber-security professionals know that for sure. So, for a summer reading list pros and others interested in cyber-security may be interested in these books to help enlighten, educate and entertain, and while they may be from a US perspective, the lessons are international. 

Topics: cybersecurity

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Insider Threats a key focus of 2019 Dallas Cyber Security Summit

Abacus Group - Jun 3, 2019

By Todd Avery, Manager of Information Security at Abacus Group

Throughout the year, we send members of our dedicated security information team to industry conferences, so they can continuously gain insights into the latest threats and best practices in cybersecurity. Most recently, several members of our team attended the 2019 Cyber Security Summit in Dallas, Texas. Hosted in different cities each year, the purpose of this particular event is to bring together cybersecurity professionals to discuss the newest technologies and trends taking place in the cybersecurity world.

Topics: cybersecurity

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How Abacus addresses the recent SEC OCIE Risk Alert on safeguarding network storage

Abacus Group - May 31, 2019

By John Carbo, Director of Information Security

The SEC OCIE published a risk alert recently entitled “Safeguarding Customer Records and Information in Network Storage – Use of Third Party Security Features” which contains three main observations:

  • Misconfigured network storage solutions.
  • Inadequate oversight of vendor-provided network storage solutions.
  • Insufficient data classification policies and procedures.

Our AbacusFLEX and AbacusFLEX-Hybrid platforms are designed to meet or exceed regulatory security requirements by following policies and procedures set forth by NIST, COBIT, ISO, Center for Internet Security and the Cloud Security Alliance. 

Here is how Abacus addresses the OCIE Risk Alert’s observations:

Topics: cybersecurity- data privacy- SEC Risk Alert

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A deep-dive into the latest new features available within the Abacus Client Portal

Abacus Group - Feb 8, 2019

By Chris Steele, Managing Director of Software Services

When using outsourced IT services, it’s vital that financial firms have visibility into their managed services, ensuring they have complete transparency and control over their firm’s technology platform. This is why our Abacus Client Portal plays a key role in the service we deliver to our clients, providing them with access to a whole suite of compliance-focused tools, including important documents, reports and interfaces.

Our Charlotte-based software development team works closely with clients, seeking their input and feedback, to continuously enhance the features we provide within the Portal. Over the last several months, our software team has released several key new features that I know clients are eager to start using.

Topics: Blog- Abacus Client Portal

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Data Privacy Day - Infographic #PrivacyAware

Abacus Group - Jan 28, 2019

January 28 is Data Privacy / Protection Day. Abacus Group is an official Data Privacy Day Champion. In addition to the infographic below, be sure to check out our post with data privacy tips and tools. #PrivacyAware 

Topics: cybersecurity- data privacy

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January 28 is Data Privacy / Protection Day - Tips & Tools

Abacus Group - Jan 28, 2019

Today, January 28, is officially Data Privacy / Protection Day.

Data Privacy Day began in the US and Canada in January 2008 as an extension of the Data Protection Day celebration in Europe. Data Protection Day commemorates the January 28, 1981, signing of Convention 108, the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection. Data Privacy Day is observed annually on January 28.

In partnership with the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), Abacus Group has registered as an official Data Privacy Day Champion, showing our support and dedication for respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust. As part of our role as a Champion, we want to share some important data privacy tips and tools provided by the NCSA.

Topics: cybersecurity- data privacy

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