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Four IT challenges Abacus Group addresses for alternative investment firms

Abacus Group - Jul 17, 2018

By Tom Cole, Director – Europe at Abacus Group 

Prior to joining Abacus Group in 2016, I worked within hedge funds and a FinTech start-up. My responsibilities evolved from being a hands-on techie into more leadership and governance duties. During these roles, I had direct experience with working via in-house, co-sourced and outsourced models of IT. Joining Abacus was outside of my comfort zone, as I was most at home being on the client side versus the service provider side. Calling upon my technical and business experience, I conducted a one month rigorous operational due diligence on Abacus prior to affirming my decision to join the company. The outcome surpassed my expectations and fueled my excitement to join the Abacus team, leveraging a proven blue print for service delivery to Europe. I’ve now been leading the European region for Abacus for the last two years, and during the last year, our European client-base has grown by over 150%.

I wanted to share the top four IT challenges that Abacus addresses for alternative investment firms, allowing us to excel in our field.

Topics: IT for Alternative Investment Firms

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Cybersecurity roundtables provide insight to operational leaders of investment firms

Abacus Group - Jul 10, 2018

By Jonathan Bohrer, CFO at Abacus Group

Jonathan Bohrer - CFO at Abacus GroupI recently had the pleasure of attending several cybersecurity roundtables, including the HFM US Operational Leaders Summit in White Plains, NY, and an event hosted by Abacus Group in Boston for hedge fund and private equity COO’s and CTO’s, including several Abacus clients. As the operational leader of Abacus Group, being part of these events gave me the opportunity to discuss cybersecurity with my industry peer counterparts. I was also joined at both of these events by Abacus CISO Dave Parsons, and at our Boston event we also included a cybersecurity specialist from SentinelOne who contributed greatly to the discussion.

Topics: cybersecurity

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How hybrid cloud technology maximizes the benefits of the cloud

Abacus Group - Jun 6, 2018

by Chris Grandi, CEO at Abacus Group

The investment management industry has traditionally been slow in adopting new technologies, and rightfully so considering the stringent compliance and regulatory demands the sector must adhere to. This has especially been the case when it comes to cloud-based technology, transitioning away from on-premise servers housed with a hedge fund's office.

Topics: Chris Grandi- Hybrid Cloud

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How we protect credentials for our alternative investment firm clients

Abacus Group - Apr 16, 2018

A case study from Thycotic

Paul Ponzeka, Managing Director of Engineering at Abacus Group, was recently interviewed by Thycotic about how we use their Secret Server product to protect credentials for our alternative investment firm clients. Read the full case study published on

Topics: News

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Why migrating IT services to the cloud is the new norm in investment management

Abacus Group - Apr 9, 2018

A case study featuring Abacus client Atlantic Investment Management

Global financial technology site bobsguide spoke with Bruce Berger, COO & CFO of New York based equity investment firm Atlantic Investment Management, and Chris Grandi, CEO of hedge fund solutions provider Abacus Group, to discover how their commercial partnership typifies IT infrastructure for mid-size investment firms in 2018. Read the case study on

Topics: News

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Information Security Initiatives at Abacus

Abacus Group - Mar 29, 2018

By Dave Parsons, Chief Information Security Officer at Abacus Group

The Cyber Security lifecycle is based on the never ending evolution of system upgrading, vigilant assessment and audit analysis, education, communication and remediation. Our Information Security (InfoSec) team at Abacus Group is constantly improving our security posture by taking a proactive approach to updating our systems, procedures and processes. We ensure privacy and security are given priority at the inception of every project, and our team is well versed in the defense in depth philosophy.

Topics: News

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